Thursday, 17 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #70 Small milestone achieved! + Update

Whoohoo! Picture source

Thank you! As I logged on today to write this post which was (and still is) about my latest work, I saw just over 100 of you visited here yesterday! Thank you ever so much - it's fantastic to see so many of you enjoying my site!

So far today craft wise I spent a fun hour watching The Great British Bake Off while adding a few rows to this blanket. 

Slowly she grows...
There were moments that I paused because the on-screen action was captivating when baking creations both went right and went a bit wonky. 

Prior to that, in fact straight after breakfast I (finally) added a chocolate layer/coating to my truffles! I also added a few squiggles of decoration. 
They are setting in the fridge now, will take a neater photo for tomorrow's post.
I'm really enjoying making them. They are super easy, having a new mini saucepan makes it even easier to both pour from and dip in. For tomorrow's truffles I will experiment with flavour, possibly peppermint, lemon, orange, and salt - not all in the same truffle! That would be a bit too strange for my tastes. 

I'll also do alternate dipping: white chocolate centre with milk chocolate coating, and milk chocolate centre with white chocolate coating. I also would like to try using sprinkles before the coating sets to make them super pretty. They are tasty, and I haven't eaten too many either! I made sure to wash my hands before doing crochet as the yarn probably wouldn't appreciated a few specks of chocolate as much as I do. 

It's time to get some lunch, then relax with anime. I'm going to work a bit more on the baby bootie from yesterday, as well as read and work on my novel. My days are wonderfully full! 

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