Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #50 New Shiny Things and Snowflakes Part 1 of 2!

This says it all!
This is my first every 2 part post - whoohoo! Thought it would be easier for you to digest than a super long post. That and it gets you coming back for another visit to see what happens next! Mwhahahaa.... 

My shiny things!
Ahem! Tuesday heralded the arrival of the smaller hooks which I've already talked about (or not - yes there are times I make posts up in my head and then don't post them).  As you can see they still have funky handles, and the close-up below reveals just how thin the 2mm (green) & 1.5mm (yellow) hook are compared to the not new 4mm (purple) hook. 
My pretty hooks!
Now I've been crocheting with a 4mm from the time I started. I haven't really needed a smaller hook since none of my projects so far were required to be a certain size. However, with my future projects most definitely needing some delicate work and the suggested  yarn for all the snowflakes I hope to make, smaller hooks were needed. 

The source of my snowflakes!
Once they arrived today I thought what better than to test them out using what I think might be 4ply cotton yarn and launch into snowflake #2 called Frost. It perhaps wasn't the wisest decision to try a teeny tiny hook out on an unknown pattern, but I went for it. 
1st ever snowflake!!!
It took a a few tries of the first row to get used to the smaller 1.5mm hook. It was a bit tricky as the stitches are teeny tiny and occasionally the yarn twisted (cue me glaring & mentally thinking 'grrr' to the hook - as a good craftswoman I rarely blame my tools-yarn isn't a tool!) 
My version and the book's.
I was happy with my first attempt, and quickly moved on to making the same snowflake with the same yarn and different hooks. You'll have to wait for part 2 link will take you there to see how why I'm as happy as young Elsa from Disney's Frozen is when she makes snow regarding my snowflakes!

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