Friday, 17 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #44 Snowflakes!

Yes, I really am talking snowflakes at the height of summer. If you like using your imagination, then I'm sure you'll like the Disney fairy version of snowflakes being made by Tinkerbell's sister Peri's friends, the Winter fairies. 
A Winter fairy making snow
Or it could be made by Princess Elsa from Disney's Frozen 

Regardless of their actual origin, I adore snowflakes. I love the distinct trudging sound when I walk in fresh snow, which barely happens as we've had snow-free winters the last few years. 
I love how magical the world looks with snow covering everything in a white blanket. I love seeing my cat & other animals' footprints. 
I love knowing that every single snowflake is unique - that's really amazing, and is one of countless reminders how great this world God created for us is. Knowing I like snowflakes, I was super excited to find the perfect crochet book which has 100 of them! 
I'm hoping to get this before the end of Autumn, as snowflakes can be used all year around since there is always somewhere on earth which has snow, and my snowflakes can be multicoloured, unlike the ones which fall from the sky! 

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