Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #43 Expect the unexpected

This is kind of craft related...
So my week hasn't gone to plan at all. Had major pain issues Sunday night, so had my super strong pain treatment of ketamine a few days earlier than planned. It meant I was shattered on Monday, unable to do much except watch anime and listen to audio books. Yesterday I was super hyper, worked on the above puzzle and made a lot of progress sewing wise. 
I've done some more since this picture was taken
Today I was super tired so only did a bit of crochet. I promise that barring any more unexpected medical hiccups you'll have a full project catch up post tomorrow, with lots of pretty pictures to see what I've been doing! 2 weeks since leaving work and haven't had time to establish a 'normal' routine since my body had other plans. I'm hoping that will change from tomorrow!

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