Sunday, 5 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #40 Circles, stars, and recreating the wheel

Why is this post a day late?
Apologies for the day's delay in writing this post, I was feeling fairly flakey yesterday so decided to stay off my laptop and rest with crochet and reading. As promised in the previous post this post is about circles. 

Now that I have more time to experiment with crochet, thanks to finally being a full time crochet artist + writer, the other evening I sat down and learnt how to crochet a circle. Here are my results! 
Aside from mats & coasters, truth be told I was hoping to be inspired by circles in the same way I get inspired from looking at other shapes and motifs. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I looked at the circle and instead of thinking 'I could do x y z' all I thought was 'I can do mats, coasters, and nothing else'. Mats and coasters aren't bad, not at all, especially since I plan to add cute borders. I'd just hoped to have a bit more inspiration, you know? 

After the lack of circle inspiration I decided to try a five-sided star. Here's what it looked like. 
After seeing this I thought of doing a star blanket/throw, so tried a few combinations which I didn't take photos of because I wasn't happy with them, but I do have a photo with a few stars
Unfortunately there was too much space between the stars, and because they are 5 sided I simply couldn't get an arrangement I was happy with. I spent quite some time searching online for pentagons & other 5 sided motifs, and there aren't very many examples as it seems that even sided objects are far easier to crochet with than odd numbers. Yes I could do fancy bits between the spaces, but I'm not that advanced a crocheter yet. 

I spent all day working on the stars, and although at the end I came up with a cute banner (picture to follow by 12am GMT today), I learnt that re-inventing the wheel really is pointless, and there are so many other motifs I can successfully create blankets with I'll stick with the easier shapes ^o^ 

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