Sunday, 8 March 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #10 Pet blanket paw print prototype progress!

Paw progress!
Sorry this wasn't posted yesterday - my internet played up so I had to give up on using it.
As much as I'd hoped to be writing about what can influence my crochet style, I'm opting for a shorter post of the progress on my pet blanket paw print prototype - trying saying that several times in a row! This time it wasn't a migraine which made me switch my post plans, thankfully. I'd unexpectedly had to have my super strong pain meds yesterday, which I usually have every 5 week, because I'd been having a pain flare for the last 2 weeks and needed my body reset, which the meds sort of do. I'm feeling heaps better than I was, albeit a bit tired because continuous severe pain is exhausting. I'm mostly used to it, but extra high levels wear me out.

Never fear tho, it doesn't stop me (much) from doing crochet! This has been on both Facebook and Twitter, but as you can see I'm making progress on my paw print. Please ignore the different styles of borders to the squares - since it's a prototype I'm experimenting with how I join the squares together. Due to the extra time it takes to make something like this there will probably only be 1 paw print per blanket, but I'm sure none of you will mind that. I'm hoping to work on it a bit more today, but since I've got several hours of reading planned I don't think I'll finish this project today. 

Remember there are some fab competitions which need entering! You can win a blanket made by me (worldwide competition)

win an audiobook of your choice  (US/UK only competition)

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