Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #13 My weekly sewing day

Here's my sewing self!
Every week, usually on a Wednesday because that's my midweek break from work to rest, I have one day when I don't crochet at all. This may seem a bit odd as I adore crochet, experimenting with new patterns and being able to show you my latest projects. However, I love sewing. Having an entire day for it gives me a small break from crochet, and as a saying goes 'a change is as a good as a rest'. 

To be fair it also means I'm not juggling crochet and sewing on the same day. With craft although I can chop and change projects on the same day, my personality as such that doing that annoys me. I prefer to do 1 project at a time. I do alternate projects on different days for variety. 

I'm not sewing using a giant needle...
 Sewing is a little bit different to crochet. 
For starters I can and do accidentally prick myself with my needle at least once each session.

If a project involves beads you can almost guarantee I'll break 1-2 needles. Thankfully my current projects are beadless! 

Thread is much thinner than yarn
I have to count where to put each stitch, which is hard to do on a work day because I'm tired. When I'm tired I frequently can't think straight and even simple counting is beyond me. That's why I don't 
yet crochet in rows. I may in time, but not for now

There's also something about using needle and thread with a sewing hoop, it reminds me of some fantasy novels which have historical slants, where characters do weaving, spinning and other hand crafts. People have been sewing for hundreds of years, which when is pretty cool when you stop and think about it. My hobby in 2015 is the same as another woman in 1015! (I think. I haven't looked up dates yet). 

Spinning is an ancient craft

Today was an extra day off as I went out for lunch with my family, so since I barely did any sewing last week I'm sewing both tomorrow and all of today. Yay! I've got some owls to see twoo....(Belated bad pun alert!)
Today I finished the big red owl! Next up....some more lettering.

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