Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #17 Good found in not so good things

Pretend it's crochet not knitting!
Falling flat on the floor was pretty much how I felt on the day I'm writing this (Monday). I had an evil migraine Sunday evening, been awake since 1am, got woken from a 70min nap by my cat purring while pawing me and digging her claws in, and am doing blog work as quickly as I can. Ordinarily I don't mind writing this type of blog post on a Tuesday since Wednesday is my day off, but due to said migraine & my work being closed on Thursday until Tuesday, instead of needing to take a sick day I'm working Tuesday & Wednesday. It always takes me a few days to get over the extra fatigue of a migraine (which is worse just because fatigue hits me really hard). & that's why I didn't put up a post this weekend - I'd planned to Sunday but then evil migraine happened.

What I'm saying in a long winded way is that I'll announced the winner of this wonderful blanket on Thursday. Sorry it's not sooner but I'll need to rest as much as I can after work this week. 
Will this be yours?

The only plus side of Sunday's migraine was I started a new blanket, as all my current ones involved a fair amount of sewing squares together and I wanted something quick and easy. 

 There'll be excitement here on Thursday when I announce the blanket competition winner and on Saturday when I share my latest very exciting news with you! As always thank you for stopping by Nayu's Crochet Dreams ^o^ 
If I remember correctly this girl is from the anime Sugar Snow Fairies (or something like that!)

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