Saturday, 14 March 2015

Gallery #1 Younglings' Dream

 This is my first official post of many for the Gallery section of Nayu's Crochet Dreams - yay! You can find it at the top of my blog, nestled between Coming Soon and About Me and NCD tabs. 

Please note: these early pictures aren't taken in the same way all NCD pictures will be taken from now on. There won't be any more date, and the background will be white (thanks to purchasing a white sheet...)

Looking good together
 The debut for the Gallery is these two blankets because they share pictures together and were both for younger members of my family. Because they were gifts they don't have actual titles as products for sale do, so Younglings' Dreams capture what the blankets are about. 

Ever since I learnt to crochet a few years ago I'd wanted to make a blanket for each of my family's younglings. The hope is that the blankets will stay with them as they grow up, possibly to be paired up with bigger blankets when they are older So I did! 

The older youngling (sounds a contradiction but it isn't) adores anything red, so choosing a colour was easy. The creative part of me wanted to add something extra to make it more than 'just' a red blanket (not that older youngling would mind), so I added the blue rows. 
Here's a closer look

The way the blue rows are spaced out, with  one more row of read as the blanket gets bigger is a pattern template I have already used & will continue to use for future blankets. It's pleasing on the eye, stands out, and most importantly is fun and easy to do! 

The younger youngling (try repeating that really fast) adores pink, purple, and every colour of the rainbow, so using a variegated yarn (multicoloured) seemed the obvious choice. 
A closer look
 Unlike the older youngling's blanket which didn't need a border, to bring younger youngling's blanket together a simple cream border finished it nicely.

The blankets went to very happy homes which makes for a happy Nayu. I hope you've enjoyed today's post, more coming soon! 
Bye for now!

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