Sunday, 13 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #192 Bob returns! + Pineapple Palace Review

A bunny themed sea-slug
I'm so happy! My family not only met Bob the slug (mentioned in a previous post) on the drive but I then found both him and Doris (the smaller slug) in the garage last night! I thought they may have died since I hadn't seen them for a few nights, but they are most definitely alive! Go Bob! Go Doris! 

Ahem. Who knew slugs would make me happy? Anyway, on Friday I ventured off into the unknown to seek out a pineapple. 
Yum to juicy pineapple!

No, that's not quite right. I sought out a new to my family cafe & shabby chic/vintage shop, The Pineapple Palace, Lower Way Farm, Thatcham, Berkshire, Lower Way Farm, RG193TL, England.
Image from Pineapple Palace Facebook page
My family had gone there earlier in the week and highly recommended it, so I went to check it out. It was easy to find, there's ample parking by the shop/cafe. The staff are super friendly, were pleased I'd found it through a recommendation. The shop and cafe are fairly small, but in a nice way, if that makes sense. There was all sorts of crafts by local artists, cards, figurines, woodwork, plaques, blankets, metal work, jewellery and much more. 
Picture from Pineapple Palace Facebook page
I overheard staff saying that normally they are busy around lunch - I was almost the only person there at one point. I nabbed a delicious hot chocolate and a milk pudding which is apparently like a custard pudding. 
So very yum! Picture taken by me ^o^
I adore custard puddings and this milk pudding was divine! You can't really see it but I loved that a cake fork was given instead of a normal fork - I have a thing for cake forks, they are really nifty and make cutting into sweet treats simple. Look at the perfect swirled dome of cream! I liked the fact the hot chocolate tasted real - I mean I couldn't tell if it was made from a powder or a syrup. I've been let down in the past by powdered hot choolate when out and about, making this a real treat. I also liked the mismatch of saucers and cups - it fitted the feel of the place. 

Minor disclosure which in no way is affecting my review (it was a super place) - I am going to see whether in the future I may be able to sell some of my work there. Not all my pieces fit in, but a few of the newer ones do. I'm only mentioning this so I can't be accused of favouring a place should I eventually sell my stuff there. This review is genuine.

I was so relaxed I lost track of time while gaming and sipping my hot chocolate that I ended up doing my groceries during prime lunch hour - something I really dislike! Definitely a place to go to if I need a break and have the energy to go out somewhere. Do check out it, it's one of my local towns! The website is down but they are on Facebook

Today I'm doing blog work, so possibly no crochet but I don't know for definite yet. Will see how well my laptop behaves, and my body ^o^ 

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