Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #32 Coffee and Cream Dreams Complete!

Sneek peek time!

As promised in a previous post, it's time to show you to the complete Coffee and Cream Dreams blanket! 
It is very roomy, can almost wrap myself once in it, it sits rather nicely on the end of my bed (if only I was keeping it), and I'm really excited to have finished it. I'll try and put it up for sale by the end of next week (allowing for several days of a stubborn body being unable to work on the laptop, and maybe 1 day of the internet not working properly too), it will be perfect for snuggling up on this now distinctly cold Autumn slash Winter (I never know when the seasons are 'supposed' to start).

I had great fun making it, especially coming to the end because I used a border I found in a crochet book I have. I wish I could say that, but the border in the book didn't look like the book's picture, even though I followed the instructions fully. I then looked online for easy borders, and was then able to create the book's border with a slight adjustment to the pattern. It looks pretty, is super easy so I didn't need to keep reading the instructions after a few pattern repeats, and it was super exciting to finish. Simple can be best, this two colour blanket will look perfect in pretty much any room that needs a blanket. 
It looks great folded up too, with my phone as a size reference. Although I can't remember how many times I folded it, so can't say this is a quarter because it isn't. Oh well!
I do have another project I've started, which I'll show you in a couple of days once I take some photos and do a bit more on it.

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