Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #191 It be cold!

Cute hanging sloth!
Temperatures are now very much below 10C so I'm imitating a sloth in the activities I do each day (not just eating and sleeping, but resting lots between activities as my body hates the cold and amps up my daily chronic pain). I forgot to take a picture but yesterday I did crochet 4 multicoloured coasters for a friend. I'm still working a blanket, which I'm not sure how big it will become as I don't have lots of balls of yarn, but I'll see how it goes. Picture will be coming soon!

After lunch today I'll be making my 10 minute microwave fudge, possibly white chocolate flavour but not sure yet. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a bit more blog work, but for the rest of today I'll be gaming lots and hopefully doing some crochet if I'm up for it after the fudge. 
Stay as warm as you can during this cold spell! I'm currently envious of those of you living in the southern hemisphere and who are experience spring rather than autumn!

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