Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #143 Necessary Tasks Take Time!

I love this nifty paperwork storage idea from Pinterest!
I'm writing this post as I sort some paperwork, which includes scanning it into my laptop and printing several copies. If you've done anything using 3 aspects you know just how time consuming it is. I'm convinced it always takes way longer than you expect, especially when you forget to add in topping up the printer with paper, rescanning an item because you accidentally delete it before saving it etc. That's why I saved this task for another day, today, as I knew it would take time and I was already tired from filling in said paperwork. 
Tick tock! Time passing would be cuter if I had this adorable rose clock!
When I've got dull/pointless but necessary tasks like this I do try and do them in the morning, as that's when I usually have vaguely more energy and motivation too. Somehow knowing that once I reach lunch time I can then relax makes me feel so much better about putting the effort in, even if I'm sluggish. I'd like to head to the post office today, but that depends what time I finish this. If I don't make it in time then it'll be a trip for Monday. Oh and I've manage to schedule a few book reviews for Nayu's Reading Corner inbetween button clicks and paper changes - go me!

Due to the time and energy this takes I won't be doing any sewing today - I may however do some crochet later, as I've got several audiobooks to review! It depends how I feel after relaxing with anime. So craft is still happening! I hope I can do a bit of editing my novel later too. 

Whatever the weather, and whatever you're up to today I hope you smile lots and have some fun! 
Some of you may be soaking up the sun with a picnic in the park!

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