Sunday, 17 July 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #141 My Cat Likes Scrambled Egg

I'd love a sewing machine like this! Must decorate mine with stickers...
Morning/afternoon/evening! I think that covers all the time of day you may be reading this. It's been a busy week, mostly me not being 100% and able to come online. I did do some paperwork, which took a few hours...and then several more hours as I had printer issues. I've revived my printer, got new toners, then nearly broke it when a toner accidentally slipped inside the printer and I had to put my hand in to find it. Thankfully it worked after that ^o^ I did get a lot of ink on me, but it's all washed off now. 
I definitely want a Hello Kitty printer!!!! This is adorable!!!! Guess I've found something else to put stickers on to make it cute...
Annoyingly I haven't really done any more machine sewing. I'd really hoped to do some today but aside from blogging I'm taking it easy as my body doesn't like how the weather is at the moment. I can't push myself as I'm out all day tomorrow crocheting with a friend, which is always fun :) Yes I am back on the crochet! Slowly easing back into doing it, it's very therapeutic and great for when I can't think straight as it's the same stitch which I know off by heart. As for my cat...

How I discovered my cat likes scrambled egg. 
Here's Belle looking super cute!
One evening this week I made scrambled egg for dinner. I was looking forward to eating it on fresh white break with cress (my latest food addiction), salt, pepper, and butter. I make it in the microwave, and was tipping it out of the pan onto the plate, when it decided to bounce off and land on the floor. It was a classic moment that made me and my family laugh, as the round scrambled egg lay staring up at me! 
Scrambled egg mostly looks like this (online pic)
I obviously wasn't going to eat it, so picked it up, then my family wondered if our cat would like it. I gave her the part which didn't touch the floor, and she really liked it! The catch is she only likes it warm...I gave her a bit more later when it was cold and she didn't touch it. So now whenever I  make it I'll give her a little :) 

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