Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #140 Quiet week so far

Needed this a lot over the last few days - sadly this adorable umbrella isn't mine! Very girly ^o^ Picture source
I don't have any craft updates for you - the weather hasn't been great, so my body has responded appropriately and made me feel less than great so I've done 0 sewing. I hope to do crochet tomorrow, maybe. I've done a lot of gaming, and some reading. My life is very quiet when I'm ill! Although there are some crazy life events going on. The one I can possibly tell you about (not quite yet) in a few weeks to a month is HUGE and looks set to make unable to sew for a few days, but I'll give more details when I'm able to. It's a mostly nice event, which is all I can say for now. That's me for today - back to resting! 

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