Friday, 8 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #114 Techno Gremlins, Book Themed Crochet

This would be a nice working area! Random pic found online. Picture source
Afternoon! Thank you for being patient while I've been absent. I was a bit peaky, and I've been working hard on writing the backlog of reviews. I'd hoped to blog earlier today but my laptop decided to do a 2 hour update. I only agreed as it usually takes under 5 minutes. And, apparently there are more urgent updates! Needless to say I'm only doing those once I'm done with my laptop for the day. I've learnt my lesson! 

I will show you the promised sneak peek of crochet goodies tomorrow.  This week I've made 1 turquoise fingerless glove and 3/4 of a grey fingerless glove, which I haven't taken a photo of, but you can look at my first crochet bookmark.
I used multicoloured yarn in rows for the middle, then edged it with purple yarn.

Hop! goes the bunny charm ^o^

What do you think? I possibly will make more, but really into my fingerless gloves for some reason so will stick with those for a while. Have a good rest of the day!
When they work and don't have a mind of their own!

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