Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nayu's Product Review #2 Favourite Fromage Frais!

Original small pots
 This is a non-sponsored post, but you can find out more about Petits Filous on their website

Fromage frais, defined as a low-fat soft cheese with a smooth texture by has been a part of my life since I was little. Petits Filous was a real treat! I used to have homemade yogurt (not so fond of it now). Petits Filous is creamy, has a strong and not artifical flavour, comes in cute little pots and bigger ones, in the original flavours of strawberry, raspberry, and apricot as well as others. I never had the tubes (Frubes?), and they don't appeal to me at all. Same goes for the dessert flavours, although I may try them eventually. Last week I tried the greek yogurt style version with a fruit layer at the bottom - they are absolutely delicious! 
Big love for these little pots!

Last year I tried several other brands to see if I like them These included Marks and Spencer own brand, Aldi own brand, plus Yeo Valley. Unfortunately despite some being organic they don't stand up to my all time favourite Petits Filous. The M&S + A&C were either too runny or barely had any flavour. The Aldi ones taste fairly good, but are a bit more artificial than I like. I was disappointed with the results, but I can see why Petits Filous is such a widespread brand. 

While not my usual dish, as these are fresh berries, this is similar to my night time snack. Picture source.

I generally stick with plain yogurt, adding frozen berries to get a fruit flavour because it has no added sugar, but flavoured yogurt like Petits Filous make a nice change. 

Do you like fromage frais? I'd love to hear what your favourite brand is!
And the big pots, which don't have aprioct flavour.

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