Sunday, 3 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #112 Craft Peeks & Spring Fever!

I love the feeling of spring in this blossom lined walkway (no idea where, random internet photo)
Hi everyone! It is a gorgeous sunny Sunday here in the South of England, and I hope it stays that way! Sunshine makes everyone happier, lifts my spirits, and, even better, tends to make the day warmer. The temperatures are slowly increasing, which means my body grumbles a bit less than it has over the last 6 months. Yay! That means I have more oomph, and slightly more time to do bloggy things. 

Craft peeks wise I'm hoping to show you peeks of what is going on sale hopefully next week by this Friday (so by Friday I'll show you the sneak peeks, & next week you can buy them!) I know I've been barely functioning on my shop, but it's been a tougher than expected winter, and priority has gone on my writing. One wip is out & although not all thoughts are in I know it needs a lot of work. The one I'm working on now is in better shape, at least I think so!

Warmer weather = able to do a bit more = happy Nayu!
When I searched for blossom images I saw this adorable tea cup which I had to show you!
That pretty much covers everything in the title. Got some topics for post ruminating (love that word, not sure if it's the right context) away so keep watching this space! (When I feel better I use even more exclamation marks than normal - sorry!!!!)
So true! As does anime, chocolate, friendship, cats, cute animals...

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