Friday, 29 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #119 The week ran away with me..

Good old Eeyore expresses how I feel! Picture source
It did! It really did run away! Or rather I had a few days getting my super strong pain meds ketamine through my system. Usually I feel rough for a few days. This time I felt hyper (like I used to feel) on Tuesday, rough on Wednesday, and fine but extremely exhausted yesterday. Guess I'll stop trying to predict how my body will feel and just go with the flow, something else Eeyore does.
Yes there is always something, but there's always a positive aspect when plans

Due to the volume of reviews I've been putting up this week, and to various issues that required more than a simple reply by email, this morning I haven't been able to post any reviews on social media! 
Again this is an Eeyore thing and a life thing that there is always something that crops up. Initially I
was a teensy bit frustrated because I like my schedules going to plan. I suppose it went to God's plan today, rather than mine, which is fine as He is the best planner there is. As I'm being stricter on time spent online I'm going to simply post everything on Sunday, or, possibly tomorrow afternoon after I've had lunch out with a friend (resting up lots beforehand in prep for all the chatting!). On second thoughts I try and keep Saturday's as my non work day so won't be doing that!
Days off are important. Saturdays I try to avoid doing blog work which while fun uses up brain cells & energy.
So feeling a bit 'behind' even though I'm not really. I'm sure most of you can relate to that! Plus side is getting unexpected Amazon credit due to a Kindle update issue which did muck the review books in my carousel which has me hoping that I haven't missed one out. Tomorrow I'll figure out what to buy with it ^o^

Craft has been on the backburner this week as I've had zero energy for anything other than watching stuff & reading. It's annoying but I know tomorrow I'll be doing lots of cross stitch (Yay!). I wanted to do something today but I'm still not quite on what is normal for me, plus I have to do laundry and sort my now once a month organic box, both of which need zap arm strength. Might just cross it off today's list so I'm not frustrated by not being able to do any. 
What I am going to do today is do my weekly email to a friend, who only gets a regular email because she puts together a blog post for me using the info I give her *waves at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers*. My actual email list is a long one I'm very slowly tackling. Then it's rest with Aikatsu anime as I'm a bit too tired to play video games today. Oh & I need to sort out the stuff in my room that piled up from the days of not being able to do anything - think I'll do that relaxing otherwise I may get distracted by Other Things to do. I'd better stop babbling and let you get back to whatever you need to do!

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