Sunday, 4 October 2015

Nayu's Recipe #3 Nutella cake

Had no idea there was a whole day for Nutella! Cool!! Picture source.

Hands up if you like the fabulous Nutella! *puts both hands up, and feet for effect* If you do this is a recipe for you! If not, I guess you can omit the chocolately goodness and just have a plain cake. 
My cakes cooling - there are 4 because I did double the recipe and put them in two smaller cake tins (recipe says to use 1 tin)
This isn't my recipe, even though I tweaked it, used soft brown sugar instead of caster, put an entire layer of nutella on 3/4 of the mixture before putting the last 1/4 on top instead of 4 table spoons (which is no way near enough if you love the stuff). I didn't put nuts on top either as they weren't in my store cupboard. Oh & the first batch didn't have cinnamon in, the 2nd & 3rd batch (pictured) did but not quite a whole teaspoonful as I'm not a lover of cinnamon.  Full recipe link is here
It's a bung in the bowl all-in-1 cake! My favourite type ^o^ (all ingredients are here, flour/sugar/butter/eggs/etc)
Here are some shots of the 2nd and 3rd batch I made (the first having been put as a double decker with frosting between and on it). Do try it out, it's delicious! 
Here's my much larger than 4 tablespoons of nutella. I did zap it in the  microwave for 20 seconds so it would spread out easier.
Tomorrow I'll show you the iced versions, and hopefully some truffles too! This is all because I'm visiting friends on Tuesday at where I used to work. I am doing crochet and knitting, just not as much at the moment because baking takes so much energy out of me. I'm crashing tonight with anime! Have yet to have a warm slice fresh from the oven, since these are for friends, but I hope the next batch will be just for me! Have a good day! 
1st batch cake in double decker mode - so delicious!!!

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