Friday, 30 October 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #82 Busy with baking and sewing!

Sliced apples prep from yesterday
I'd honestly meant to post yesterday, but baking an apple cheesecake wore me out more than expected, so I skipped blogwork. I hope to do a post on that Sunday for you! It is super tasty, even with a recipe amendment which I hoped would work ^o^ 

We all have one of these, which is relevant to sewing for me
Today I've been busy sewing - still got to finish a present by Sunday night. I'm on target and should finish it tomorrow if I don't finish it tonight. Once it's been given on Tuesday I can show you what it is! It's fun to sew, and I'm looking forward to hearing the recipient's reaction: sadly because of a long day in hospital on Monday (for annual heart check, normally absolutely fine just annoying as I have to travel (which is tiring), and the hospital decided to move location so where I did know where everything was I now haven't got a clue. Sigh. Good old UCLH...) Er, yes, I can't give my present in person as I'll be home recuperating from Monday, and probably wired up to a heart monitor. Shame I can't note when I do craft and ask if it makes my heart beat slower (I have a naturally rapid heartrate which freaks everyone out!) 

Anyway, all I'm doing at the moment is sewing, so that's what I'll go and do next! Pulling out all the stops, which is fun but I do miss not doing crochet. Still, it's worth it! 
Using a lot of these at the moment! Picture source

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