Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #81 Mystery, ducks, cats and cakes!

Hi all! The ducks will be happy with today's rainfall - I like it when I can stay cosy inside, curled up with craft, a book, or in the case of today both! Yesterday I worked on putting buttons on some fingerless gloves - I think they look pretty. I worked on my novel, and had some fun too.
1 of 2 pairs I've made up so far
Today's mystery part of the post is exactly that: this morning I worked on a mystery secret projects while listening to audiobooks, snug under a blanket out of the rain. Bliss! 
I listened to the audiobook version of this awesome kidnapping read from a wonderful author who I know so I'm rather biased but don't care!

The cat chaos was almost entirely because of the rain: my cat  Belle has many mad 5 minutes moment (which last longer than 5 minutes). If the weather is windy, wet, or stormy, then she goes even crazier than normal. Today involved whizzing around the house faster than the speed of light (almost), crying for us even when we were right there in the kitchen with her, and generally looking loopy. She did calm down, spent the entire morning on a chair near the kitchen, then on my spot on my bed while I gamed and did chores. She is on my lap, enjoying the heated blanket as I type this post. Pets! 
This is almost exactly the position she is in now.

As for the baking - it is winter (kind of). Autumn/Winter = the same for me. Winter = steam sponge pudding season, so I made one! 
Mine - it always gets eaten from the bowl ^o^
Steam sponge pudding is basically a victoria sponge mix cooked in the microwave, which takes far less time than in the oven and is still gorgeous. It's common to put jam or golden syrup at the bottom so it gets nice and gooey. Me, I like mine plain so I made it plain! 

It's time for some anime watching for me now. I'd love to know what Winter means to you, and what puddings you enjoy ^o^ 
This is what a neatly presented steam sponge pudding looks like. Picture source.

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