Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #75 Relaxation is bliss!

Can you guess who this is?
I've had an extremely quiet day. Family returned from the holidays, which is nice. I finished the 3rd season of Once Upon A Time - I'd technically finished it yet, but had somehow managed to watch the 4th disc before the 5th, so watched it to fill in the gaps. No wonder I was so confused yesterday, it explained everything I didn't understand. I'm starting season 4 today which includes Elsa from Frozen!!! Not that I'm excited or anything. 

Also been watching the latest new episodes to one of my favourite anime, Aikatsu.
It's cute, fun, about friendship and working on achieving your dreams! Very inspiring.

No craft today, kind of too tired to focus. I did take my truffles out the freezer, pop them into bags, and put them bag. They are currently uncoated, will do that step at a later date. 
They currently look like these right now, only most of them are squares

Enjoying just mooching around, hope to have another day of it tomorrow (only with more craft and reading). I'll leave you with a quote which is one I hold to: I'm chasing my dreams of publication and being a successful crochet artist! 

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