Friday, 11 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #67 Truffle mayday, blanket calm and a tortoise!

This is different to the original picture: these are my truffles!

Most people like chocolate. Truffles are a round delight full of yumminess. That's if you can get them round...

Since I'm hoping to give chocolates as birthday gifts, I want to make my own. I bought a melon baller thingymajig, to keep the sizing even as I'm quite sure mine would turn out different sizes. Well, I haven't got that far yet. 
Similar to mine. Picture source.

I made 2 mixes, 1 dark chocolate and 1 milk chocolate. I made the dark first, and had misread the recipe so instead of 200g cream I'd added 300g to the 400g dark chocolate. Oops. Maybe that's why it was so hard upon setting. I'm no longer keen on eating dark chocolate, so testing it is something I need to do rather than something I'm racing to do. However, those I'm giving it to love dark chocolate, hence using it. 
My dark choc truffle mix! Or is this photo of them mixed together? Not sure now...
The milk chocolate was a dream to make! So velvety smooth, very edible (lots of quality control needed), and I even made sure I read the recipe before starting. So it should have worked, right? 
Mega yummy Cadbury's milk chocolate truffle mix!
Whereas the dark mix was very solid, the milk choc mix was smooth. Think luxury version of chocolate spread. What's a girl to do with 1 harder mix and 1 softer mix? Mix them together!  And add icing sugar! They are still quite soft, but I can roll them into a ball. I'm doing that after blog work. I'll freeze them and hopefully they will firm up a bit more. You'll have to wait at least a day until the final pictures are revealed! Edited 12th September: Final photo is now at the top of the post! Have frozen some, but not taken them out from the freezer to try yet. ^o^
Warming cream  may be the way forward. Picture source.
I've since spoken to a friend who suggests warming the cream first, then adding the chocolate. I'm determined to try 2 more times, and if none of the 3 tries work I'll give up on adding truffle making to my baking skill set. 

The truffles have provided much laughter today - I only have to think of the mix to start giggling away. I haven't laughed so hard or eaten too much mix that I can't crochet! I needed to rest after the truffle making so I continued with this yellow/gold and purple blanket I'm making for a friend. 

At some point today I hope to make more progress on a baby blanket. It's all go here, chocolate semi-disasters and more! Thankfully yarn won't react oddly if I heat it too much or too little. It stays the same, just as I need it to, reliable like a tortoise. 
Maybe the tortoise needs a blanket... View source..

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