Thursday, 24 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #73 The 3 Cs: Carrots, Crochet & Chocolate!

This inspiring quote matches today's weather!
Happy Thursday! Despite early morning rain it's looking to be bright and sunny, which is good news for the builders doing some work in the garden. Rain has held up progress, so clear skies are very welcome. 

Today I'm chatting about the 3 Cs, just because they are forming part of my day. First up is carrots! 

No, I'm not making a crochet carrot. I'm certain there is a pattern for it, I just don't have a need for any. I'm talking edible carrots!
Picture from a google search which wouldn't let me access the link for the photo
Tomorrow's post gives you the full recipe (with fun pictures) for the carrot, orange and tomato smoothie which I made today. 
Super tasty way to eat fruit & veg!

Crochet is the 2nd C in today's post. While I'm busy with a secret project which I can't show you, I can let you see what I'm working on with yarn 
This is 1 of 2 fingerless gloves I'm making, with a pink border at the top and bottom of the glove. It's a present for a friend but I plan on selling them here on NRC too! 

The 3rd C of the post, chocolate, is in reference to the yummy chocolate truffles I've been trying out. Today I'm going to make some milk chocolate truffles, then coat them tomorrow with white chocolate! Mmmm, chocolate... I'd make them now but need a break after blog work. Instead I'll make myself hungry by catching up on the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off! 
This is my second batch, which turned out much better than my first attempt!

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