Saturday, 6 February 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #16 Experimenting with check patterns!

Made this yummy fudge this week - can you guess the flavour? Look at the non chocolate coloured bits...
I hope you've all had a good few days. The weather is unpredictable, which does in some ways mean how I feel is up and down. It's nice being able to post a proper post! 
While resting and between doing other things, including making chocolate orange truffles which I will talk about in more detail in another post, I've been experimenting with colour. Here's the yarn I've got: 
It will be a pretty pink and purple blanket. I can't remember whether I this when I bought the yarn, but the reason I'm experimenting is because I want to come up with a check pattern blanket. I could do a simple two colour check blanket, like this one: 
On closer inspection it isn't a simple 2 colour one, but pretend it is just pink and white please! Not different shades of pink as I'm almost out of online time....
but I don't want to. There's no way I'm going to do a complex pattern, involving rectangles and random lines of colour.
These are beyond my current crochet skills to recreate.

The kind of pattern I want is one found in some outfits in my favourite anime Aikatsu. 

As you can see it's a simple check pattern using a few colours, and I'm working on replicating this, minus the separating white stripes. One day I may use these exact colours, but for now I'm just using the pattern idea. Here's my first trial with colour: 

Not quite a check pattern but pretty enough I'm tempted to use it in a future project (with the same yarn!) 

So I'm on attempt #2, and here's what it looks like now. 
 I might be on to something! Promise to give you updates when I finally settle on a pattern for the blanket: it won't be this small, I'm only using small squares for figuring out the final pattern. 

I hope you're having fun with whatever craft/diy project is on your agenda!  

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