Friday, 19 February 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #104 A pink post

Sadly not my cute cloud pillows, but they cheered me up when I saw this pic online.
Finally I'm starting to be less tired than a hibernating dormouse. I even managed 20 minutes of crochet yesterday! It's wonderful having marginally warmer weather. I also think sheer determination is granting me a smidge of energy too. As nice as it is watching dvds all day long, I'm glad to have the energy to do some things.

Craft wise I'm still working on my experiment, so nothing to show you there. I've done so little on the rest of my projects that it's not worth showing you anything. Tomorrow I plan on chatting about the lovely tea samples I bought from Nothing But Tea! So stay tuned, and put that kettle on!
If you hadn't guessed today's post has a cute theme ^o^ Sady this isn't my kettle. Maybe one day!

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