Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #105 Experiments galore!

A sign Spring is on the way!
  Sorry for disappearing for a few days - cold weather still doesn't agree with me, and on Monday it was time to take my super strong pain medication, so needed a few days before I could get back into blogging. If I blog in the comfort of my room I'm able to do blog work, which is a relief since I've missed it and love sharing with you what I've been up to! 

I made this!
Some of you may remember me mentioning an experiment, which I refused to reveal until it was complete. Well, as you can see from the top of the post it is finished! I'd decided to make a granny square bag. It was entirely my own design, right down to the handles which I did row crochet for the first time! 

Let me tell you row crochet is next to impossible to undo if you go wrong (it's entirely possible I'm going about undoing it in the wrong way), but is simple and grows quickly. I only know that because the first handle I made was initially put in the wrong position (preventing the bag from being opened too wide), so I had to do undo what I could and put it in the correct place. Since this is a prototype I didn't bother redoing it completely. 
Inside the bag with my phone as a size guide.
I didn't make a deeper bag because that's pretty much all I had of that colour yarn. Well, I've got enough to try a much smaller bag, which is taking time because I can't remember how I did the corners when joining it all together. Yes I am finding that as amusing as it as annoying, and hope I figure it out soon! The bag can take lightweight items, obviously nothing too small (so pens and pencils are out of the question, but in thinking ahead for future creations I will look into a denser crochet stitch so that anything can be stored in the bag. 

While being ill I have managed some other crochet. There's the heart which isn't quite a heart: 
I couldn't seem to make the dip of the heart deeper with the pattern used. I temporarily gave up after trying 3 more patterns which I simply couldn't get on with. The search for the ideal crochet heart continues!

Then there's these cotton make up remover pads which took a while to perfect: I'd made a good sample in one type of yarn, but the thinner yarn needed a few goes before I got it just right. 
This isn't the final verison, but it's very close to it.
 I ended up needing to use a smaller hook and more stitches. The hours of undoing and redoing yarn was totally worth it as I've finally got a workable pattern. Unlike my bags I wrote down the final version so I don't have to struggle to remember it. 

What's inside this?

On Monday I had my monthly meet up with a friend where we sit and do craft together. I managed to start and finish a project! Unfortunately I can't show you what it is because it's a present, but I should be able to show it to you by April. 

The extent of my baking.
I'm crafting when I'm up for it, and mixing it up alongside more restful activities such as watching anime and reading. I haven't made anything recently due to being ill, unless boiling eggs counts, but I have a few treats which I hope to make in the following weeks. 

Time for me to go do something ordinary - hang laundry up to dry! Then time for a smoothie while I work through my mandatory anime watching (4 episodes is just enough to help me unwind each day), probably opting for orange and carrot with spinach (way nicer than it sounds). I'll be working with the cute purple yarn this evening if I'm not too tired.

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