Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #274 Spring is coming!

The flowers on my window sill certainly think warmer weather is on the way (let's ignore the fact they do flower all year round when I remember to water them regularly - that's why leaves are brown! I'm always amazed they flower at all).
Apologies for it being much longer than expected before this blog post. The cold I had during my mega strong medicine dose the other week has lingered - thankfully I no longer need tissues, my throat isn't sore and I can breathe just fine. My body simply takes forever to get over germs - while gaming and watching dvds all day may sound fun, it can get frustrating at not being able to do anything other than food and bathroom breaks. So long as I take things slowly I think I can safely say I'm on the mend! 

The mega cold spell we had in England last week including the not so epic snowfall also made my body go on strike further. I love snow so much! But mostly because I don't have to go anywhere so can stay safely inside. We haven't had snow like this for a couple of years, so I was mega excited even though I wasn't feeling well. Unfortunately a friend had way more snow than me (over 30 cms...), we had a few centimetres which was enough for me to do...
You can sort of see it's an angel...look closely!
..a snow angel!!! Has to be done ^u^ If you aren't sure what a snow angel is, you carefully lie in the snow with legs straight, then do a scissor action with them to make a skirt, and do the same with your arms to make the wings. I didn't feel great when I did it (snow always makes me unwell) but I knew the snow was due to melt later that day (it did) so I took the opportunity to do it. I also made...
 ...a demented snow bunny! I say demented because it was harder than expected to make the right shape without the snow crumbling away. It took over 6 tries to put the eyes on (currants - some lucky bird had an extra yummy meall that day), but it looks fairly like the Japanese snow bunnies that I see a lot in anime (which exist in real life and are the equivalent of snow angels for Japanese children). 
This one is far better than mine - hence why mine is demented!
The excitement from those two activities were worth the effort! I'd love to hear if you had any snow, what you did in the snow, and if you have any snow traditions. I'd love to live in Canada near a maple farm and make 'sugar snow' from the syrup like they do in the Laura Ingalls book series including Little House in Big Woods, that sounds so tasty and great fun! ....and it's only now as I type this that I realise I could have done it because I have some authentic maple syrup!!! The link takes you to my post about this delicious better than honey treat. 

Did you know maple syrup is about 3 times sweeter than sugar (& possibly honey) so you need less to get the same sweet taste. I like it in milk!
The next few days will continue to be full of resting with gaming and some more crochet (I've done a bit over the last few weeks), I'm working towards going out maybe Friday for errands and groceries, and doing a few bits & bobs slowly so as not to over do it. I hope you have a good day and there should be another blog post in a few days! Thank you again for being patient with blog inactivity, I have zero control on both the weather and my body throwing tantrums.


  1. Glad you got to get out and enjoy the snow. We just got over a foot yesterday. It was very pretty while it was falling. I mostly just watched the snow and didn't make anything in it this time- but I do still enjoy playing in the snow (we have had a lot this year).

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Much better now the second wave has gone! I love how quiet it gets when it snows, especially at night.


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