Saturday, 20 February 2016

Nayu's Product Review #1 Nothing But Tea sample order

 As promised yesterday, today I'm talking about tea! It's not a sponsored post, simply made because I love the tea I've tried! Here's a review of the 6 herbal teas I ordered from Nothing But Tea
I ordered samples of the following flavours because I wanted to know how each tasted before buying 100g packets: Peppermint, Nettle, Milk thistle, Spearmint, Chamomile, and Calendula. I haven't done the clever thing of naming them in the order they appear in the picture...
It arrived in a neat little box. Each 10g packet is easy to reseal (think ziplock bags),
Close up of Spearmint packet - can't remember if this is before or after I cut the top off to get to the seal: wasn't easy enough to tear it open.
This small packet provides quite a few cups of tea, although due to weak hands sometimes it can take me a while to get into them, even after cutting above the seal to get into it. 
No flowers in spearmint. Couldn't crop this photo as it then made everything out of focus.
 I like how on the back there is a set of brewing instructions, and that experimenting with different combinations and brewing times is encouraged. There are further instructions in the leaflet which was included with the order (see top photo), although there is all you need on the packet itself. I guess the leaflet is useful if you store the tea in a different container to the packet supplied. Haven't quite figured out where I'll keep my tea, I have until the next order arrives to decide a permanent home!

I'm making my way through them all. I love seeing actual little flowers for the tea - somehow it feels like 'proper' tea, even though teabags are awesome and convenient.

The teapot looks mostly like this.
It really doesn't take long to put a teaspoon of tea in the mini teapot's filter thingy (yes I found the teapot was easier to use). I can be fussy with Chamomile but I enjoyed it plain, without adding peppermint. The Spearmint is definitely a favourite, with not much left in the packet placing a non-sample order is fast becoming a necessity. One of my family use a different tea company, but for me Nothing But Tea are simple, non-fussy, and easy to use with PayPal being a purchase option. It isn't openly shown that they use PayPal, but they do. They offer many non-herbal tea varieties too!

What kind of tea do you enjoy?

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