Saturday, 26 December 2015

Project Progress #12 Alphabet Completion 61%!

How did I get here?
Thursday saw me laid up with such a bad migraine that yesterday (Friday) was a total blur. Tired was an understatement. It honestly was a really foggy day, and not sure what I did apart from spend the entire day in bed. 

Thankfully today I'm much better. Still got the usual post migraine fatigue, but being able to think is a big plus so I'm not complaining (much. Managed to get a few things done, would have liked more as per usual but that's life.) I've watched some anime, and done a whole load of craft while catching up with a few episodes of Oxford Street Revealed on BBC IPlayer, which I find fascinating as it deals with every aspect of life on one of the busiest shopping streets in the world and then some. I haven't yet seen a craft shop there, but they have John Lewis which I know sells yarn and other haberdashery goods. Anyway, I guess you'd like to have to take a peek at what I've been getting on with craft wise. It is...
This is a cute arctic animals baby sampler! As you can see I've done most of the alphabet now. I wanted to do them first so I have a structure to work with, rather than completing all stitches in the area for each later before moving onto the next. Due to the reason that it's counted cross stitch, there are a few letters which I'll leave for now, as the greater the squares that I have to count away from, the higher the probability I could make a mistake.  

Other than a a few blogging bits today is mostly for resting - hope to get some reading in later, and some more anime. I hope you're having a great start to the weekend! 

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