Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #180 8pm Duel

This leaf (well, a leaf, not this exact leaf) is important so pay attention!
I wrote this post on Sunday, but I squiffy internet connection, so I wrote it but couldn't publish it then. Yesterday I needed a rest day, but today I can finally post it! 

As you can see today's title is a bit mysterious. I want to talk of a time about a week ago when I went in the garage before bed to grab my yogurt and frozen fruit (fridge is iin the garage, the indoor fridge door is a bit too heavy for me to handle regularly so it's the garage fridge for me). I was by the fridge, looked down and saw a mottled leaf. I gently kicked the leaf to move it aside – and boy was I glad not to pick the leaf because it was a gigantic slug! *places hands in exaggerated length* 

I was a little freaked as it was unexpected, so from then on I put the garage light on whenever I got my bedtime snack. That wasn't the end of the issue. The next day there was not 1 but 2 slugs. I was a bit braver now it wasn't an unexpected sight, I looked at the closely and realised that they are kind of cool. They have cute antenna, and move so much faster than I thought they good. They aren't what you'd call speedy, but they can sure move. Anyway, the funny thing was they were on opposite ends of the garage, almost with a straight line between them (or would you call that being parallel?), which made them look like they were two cowboys ready to duel. Cowslugs? Imagine if you crossed a slug with a cow...or maybe not. Hopefully I'm not giving you nightmares. Just found a sea bunny toy which I think is based on a sea slug - it's so cute!
This sea bunny was based on a sea slug!
Anyway, the night after that I switched on the light and said hello to the 3rd slug – the other two weren't there, and it was a different size to the previous 2 which is why it's #3. No duels that night.
The next night there were no slugs on the garage floor. There was one on the bottom of the fridge, so I got my family to come and remove it (while the rest wondered how a slug got in the fridge)...only this time it was a real leaf, not a slug. How am I to tell the difference when I'm sleepy, especially when I first mistook a slug for a leaf? 

If this was bigger it would make a perfect fridge for me - pink, flowery & Hello Kitty!
Sadly that was the last night of my slug sightings. I haven't seen any since. Instead of putting on the garage light, I keep the door open so the security light can help me check my first few steps, then I carefully open the fridge, using its light to check the fridge area for slugs. I'm too scared of stepping on one, even if I can handle being in the same vicinity (the same can't be said for worms which get bashed with whatever heavy object I can lay my hands on while being a tad hysterical). 

That's been the drama of the week. I reacted to the flu jab at the start, then had the 24 hour thing one of my family had only it lasted 72 hours (which I think is 3 days, I'm not good at maths), and now I'm talking about my slug duel. 

How was your week? 
While looking for a cute wellies pic I discovered some people use them for planting flowers - pretty nifty! Just make sure these aren't the ones you need to use.

Footnote: I've managed some exciting craft which I really was going to show you in the next post (so this one), but I've been shopping and not got the energy to take photos, so the crochet creation will be in the next post (hopefully).

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