Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #93 The Truth About Making Chocolate + Disney Life Membership

This morning's work! actually don't want to eat too many. Seriously. After a few hours of truffle making (including a lot of preparation and cleaning away plus the chocolate melting then dipping), I look at all the chocolate and think 'I'm giving it away to friends soon!' ^o^ 

I love chocolate, and I'm saving the leftovers for hot chocolate made the original way by melting chocolate into hot milk (& cream when I make more truffles later this week). Other than that I'm not really keeping any for myself. Friends and family are having them! 

Then there's the fudge, which appears to have multiplied in the freezer without me knowing. Maybe they are the opposite of gremlins, which I think you feed, keep warm, water and do something else to make them multiply & become evil. Only fudge is sweet, not evil, I haven't fed it, and I keep it cold. Either way I have more fudge than I thought - least condensed milk doesn't exactly go out of date in the cupboard! 

In theory I was going to do some crochet today, but with laundry needing doing (all the hanging up isn't so good for my weak arms on top of truffle making) I'm going to be watching anime first. And at least one Disney movie because...

...I've joined a free trial of Disney Life! 
A lot of you will have heard of Netflix, an online movie/TV low cost monthly subscription. Disney Life is like that - you can watch a lot of Disney movies (both what I call human drama and animation), but that's not it. You can listen to Disney music. You can read Disney books. You can play Disney games! 
At least you can if you aren't me. For some reason Disney Life app isn't supported on my Kindle Fire, or my tablets (both the same make). Thankfully I can access the movies on my laptop, just nothing else. Since I'm only joining for the free trial, having a month of watching Disney, then cancelling, that suits me fine. 

* mumbles about the evil that is Apple which can probably almost certainly access everything else, but since it will be a push to watch all I want to watch without adding in reading books and playing games it's possibly no bad thing I can only get the movies. * 

Some of the Disney movies will be ones I do craft to, only because there are parts I don't like so will need to stay preoccupied. Thankfully almost all the movies I want to see are on there - yay! Including Frozen Fever which I've heard about but not yet seen. 
So that's me sorted for movies over the next 29 or so days! Movies that I like but not love are great to do craft to because I don't mind not seeing all of the film (eyes do need to be on my project quite a bit). This afternoon I'm going to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which I'm not sure if I like yet but I'm giving it a go. It's been at least 2 decades since I last saw it, so other than dwarves song I can't remember anything! 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and let me know if you delve into chocolate making and Disney Life! To find out more check out the Disney Life website.

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