Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #101 Inspiring blooms

One of my gorgeous flowers!
This morning as part of sorting stuff in my room that has piled up due to weather related illness (for lack of a better word) and recovering from the wonderful pain medication ketamine I sorted my crochet project bags. These are bags which have various projects in, although lately other yarn has got into it (with some tangles, which took time to sort). I effectively cut and threw away the worst offending 'nests', as there are limits to how much patience I have for detanglement. It helped remind me of which projects I'm doing next which is useful and fun to look forward to. Here's a great example of sorted, funky coloured yarn in baskets over on Attic 24, a fun crochet blog by Lucy which I read semi-regularly. 
Looking at these makes me want more colourful yarn! I can buy some only once I've finished some more projects.
I genuinely didn't think to take photos of each project bag before putting them away, and they don't look anything special where they are so I haven't taken any. I didn't want to have a post without something pretty of mine, so I thought I'd show you some of my flowers! 

Since it was dusk to get a better picture I put them on the floor. I've had all of these over a year now, I think.
I'm amazed that these 3 plants have all reflowered, only because my watering habits are sporadic so my poor plants can suffer a bit before I give them water. Go hardy plants!  
Some of the purple flowering plant, which a family member gave me. The bookshelf in the background is a fraction of the books I have - happy sigh!
 I'm  not sure what type of flowers I have - I know the one below and the one at the top of this post are both from M&S - I probaby need to repot them, or at least remove the part of the plant which hasn't reflowered (it sprouted and this part is a new one! Clever plant). I like them because they are a bit of nature in my room, and the colours both cheer me up and make me think of projects to use them in.
Tomorrow I am out visiting friends so not sure if there will be a post, so I aim to be back here at the weekend!

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