Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #280 Caring for Hair scrunchies

What colours do you have?
I've previously mentioned that hair scrunchies will be a topic on a post and today's that day! No, it's not how to make hair scrunchies - never made any but hope to one day - you can find that info online with a simple Google search (or whatever search engine you prefer, but in my view there's only Google!). 

It's hair time! Super cute Minnie hair brush I wish was mine.
Hair scrunchies are perfect whatever your age to gather hair up into cute styles. I mostly use a ponytail because it's the quickest type to do, but I like plaits too. Choosing a cute scrunchie is easy, if you have several colours (and don't have to worry about matching a school uniform which does look cute) you can pick one based on how you feel, or you can choose it to highlight a colour from your clothes. I'm not hear to talk about those things (even though I did briefly). 
They can be school-matching hair scrunchies or just a normal one if you happen to like checked patterns like I do! This isn't mine.
I'm here to talk about something which may not have occurred to you, as it  hadn't to me until I thought. It's time to...

...wash those scrunchies! 
Forgive me for being indelicate but this washing machine is puking a rainbow! How cool! (& it will not happen to yours).

Yes wash. It makes sense really - they go in our hair, so gets bits of dead skin/dandruff (or are they one and the same?), they pick up the grease and sweat from our hair, so it's obvious that they get dirty, isn't it? It wasn't to me, and I was surprised by the colour change when I shoved a scrunchie in the wash with the rest of my clothes. I suppose you can hand wash them if you want, but mine didn't ruin from being in a washing machine and came out looking far newer than it went in. I don't have before/after photos - test it out for yourself!

 I'm now washing mine more regularly than I was. Read instructions about the scrunchie when you buy it regarding washing, as I am not responsible if it goes wrong. I shoved mine in on a 40C wash with a flying saucer detergent, fabric conditioner, and an extra anti-germ liquid for lower temperture washes which I use all the time now. If you are willing to risk it shove it in, if you are at all concerned about the end result then maybe handwash it, although I can't guarantee the same results that way. 
Super shiny end of post picture!!

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