Friday, 6 April 2018

Nayu's Project Progress #36 Random blankets

I've been busy!
As promised in my last post this one is all about what I'm working on craft wise at the moment! When I'm up for crochet I'm putting together this very small pet blanket for someone. There will be a second one made of smaller squares, but I'm using oddments to attach the squares using the join as you go method - Google it to find the info. It's a super easy method that saves so much time and removes the need for lots of sewing. I always use this method now, and you can see the blanket increase in size here. 
Almost there! Sorry it's fuzzy
Tada! All finished!

 Originally I was doing one big blanket, but for some unknown reason I did both big and little squares which actually couldn't be put together, hence it becoming pet blankets. I have since done an extra row, which I'll show you with the small square blanket another time, which I know it will be well received, and I'm extremely excited about the project I'll start once this one is finished!

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