Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #279 Hello April!

April is here! Although I suspect from the post title and the picture you guessed that already. I've already talked about upcoming post topics in my previous post (hair scrunchies, my cat, dhaal) so I won't repeat myself in detail

English weather is most definitely varied!
I'm over my strong meds, and eager for the warmer weather to arrive since my body hates the cold (& rain/cloudy days/storms/snow/hail/anything which isn't clear sky and sunshine). It will be nice to feel slightly less bleh ^u^ Already praying for a long heatwave this year! 

My currently laundry pile doesn't look like this!
 This is a short post as I've emails to write and more posts to pre-schedule - the next one will be about my current crochet project! It's nothing stellar, just a little fun something to keep me busy. I've also got some yarn to wind for a family member - I'm half way through and plan on finishing it tomorrow-it involves arm effort, which is already marked for sorting clean laundry today so anything extra is a no-no. 

I'm pretty sure there's a saying involving April showers, but hopefully the month has started super well for you and continues getting better! 

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