Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #278 Upcoming post topics

Who doesn't like to start the day by looking at some cute kitties?

It's half way through the week so the weekend is in sight if you have a 'standard' working week. I'm half way through my recovery from mega strong meds, consisting of staying horizontal because moving really isn't a good idea if I don't want to feel weirder than I already do. This is a pre-scheduled post, but I'm almost out of time hence why it's a list of topics that will be appearing over the next few weeks. 

I will be talking about...

this hair accessory! scrunchies! I'm not saying what it's about, other than if you wear hair scrunchies or someone in your family does then stay tuned!

She knows how to relax! cat! I love Belle, she occasionally loves me, and I have some cat care tips to share. 

This isn't mine, but it looks similar (mine isn't as runny as some are)
...Daal! However you spell it I recently made a batch of this nutrient rich lentil based meal which is easy to cook, requires very few ingredients or cooking skills, and is highly adaptable. 

That's it for now, thank you as always for reading my posts and stick around for many more! 

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