Friday, 9 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #275 #Cat Mayhem!

My sweet girl is adorable!!!!
For the last few weeks my cat has been stuck in the house because we moved house and want her to be settled. As a rescue cat she is very nervous about anyone new, and since we've needed various strangers to do some jobs around the house she has spent a fair bit of time under my bed. Thankfully she is mostly adjusted to the new house, and sleeps on my bed a lot, loves watching the world go by on bedroom window sills (not just mine although mine is popular) and most of all loves watching my two Zebra finches Tomoya and Hibiki flit about in their cage. Lately she has been thinking about attcking them - her body posture tells me she wanted to pounce on them. That is a sure sign she needs to go outside to let off steam by trying to catch the birds outside. 

I am playing with her toys when I remember and am well enough to do so, to help get rid of her mischievous energy. The good news is slowly we are letting her go outside.. The first time my family carried her around the enclosed garden, she then ran inside. On Wednesday morning at breakfast I opened the patio door to let her out. I went out to encourage  her, she just stood at the door sniffing for a while then retreated for her breakfast which I'd witheld to entice her back in if needed. She can take as long as she wants to go outside, there's no hurry.
So cute!!!!
The other day was hilarious. Belle is happy jumping up on the breakfast bar and walking along the counter. She has her meals in 2 sittings to reduce the possiblity of her puking - she used to be sick a lot because she gobbles her food down (probably from when she was on the street before being rescued and never knew when she could get a meal) Monday's meal was from a small tin and a sachet of cat soup (she adores it, I buy it when it's on offer as it's not that cheap, but these days I buy it when it's not on offer too because I can't resist her cute eyes). Usually I stick around in the kitchen while waiting to give her the second breakfast portion, but that day I needed stuff upstairs. While I was upstairs I thought she was playing from the noise I heard. I went down when my family noticed something was odd with the tinn. Belle had gone and helped herself!
The evidence - I take neat quarters for every meal - that is not a neat quarter at all!
 There was cat food on the work top, and the tin wasn't where I left it neatly but the container we keep her daily food in which had been neatly lined up. Belle then took advantage of me not feeling great - despite knowing what she had done I hadn't moved the food tin, so yes she helped herself to her 2nd breakfast when once again I went upstairs! Thankfully she didn't eat more than what I give her, the tin was yet again moved, and she was licking her paws. I don't know whether she just ate with her mouth, or if she dipped her paw in to get at the food - either way she had a breakfast buffet that morning! 

Since Belle loves sitting on the radiators in the new house I bought her a cat radiator bed which looks something like this. 
Just a random photo from Google, although the kitty looks like my old cat Tolly.

It arrived yesterday, and of course she hasn't gone on it, not even to jump on to get to the window sill - she deliberately ignores it! I'm leaving it up there in the hope she may one day use it, although if she doesn't it doesn't matter because it wasn't expensive. Cats are extremely fickle creatures and Belle is no exception! I've no doubt I'll have some more entertaining stories about her to share with you soon. 
That they do! (insert another animal if you aren't a cat love)

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