Thursday, 6 October 2016

Nayu's Craft News #176 Cookie Mission Part A & Some Mixed News

A good motto for life be you a crocheter or a knitter!
Recently I've realised that frequently my Nayu's Craft News doesn't always contain craft, but who really cares! It usually gets a mention, even if it's how little I've done in a week (life, huh?). Anyway, it's been a crazy week. I had so much fun staying over at my friend's, even if it was tiring & I needed Monday to recover. I baked Tuesday as I wasn't good enough for computer work (in hindsight I shouldn't have baked...), then needed the expected day's rest after (which I had hoped I could do work but really I should have known better).

On Tuesday I baked some cookies as I wasn't up to blog work. I made these delicious chocolate button cookies by halving Cadbury's milk buttons (the mixed bag with white & milk chocolate buttons), and working them into a recipe instead of chocolate chips. I'm on the hunt for a super yummy cookie recipe which results in lovely soft chocolate chip cookies that resemble the store made ones which are enviously soft. While super yummy these particular ones weren't all that soft, and I'd taken them out when soft in the middle. So the hunt continues! If you know a recipe, please point me in the right direction as I'm desperate to find soft chocolate chip cookies! I'm not putting this in one of my recipe posts because I'm using other people's recipes rather than my own. 

This was over a year ago, with Zack on the right (not that you can see he is mostly a dark grey) & the now deceased Flower (who was replaced by Ushio, not pictured here)
My mixed news in summary is that my zebra finch Zack died today, and I've got a new bengalese to keep the current bengalese finch called Ushio happy. As I am trying to post more regularly when life allows me, I will leave that post until tomorrow, which will include the reveal for the new bird's name! Which yes like Ushio is Japanese ^o^ I'm an anime fan, what do you expect? 

I'm a bit worn out from today's events, which included being up since 3am (because my body likes doing that to me), so no craft tonight. I'll be gaming like crazy as I'm trying to place high enough in a current event for the game Love Live! School Idol Festival  
 (I really want to get the Ruby card (red head)! It will take a lot of work & a bit of luck to get there - I'll do a post soon on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, which I wax lyrical over anime & gaming (or will be...)  and putting anime I've seen many times on the dvd player for background noise. 

Please do tune back in tomorrow to meet the newest member of my family! 
Sneak preview of my new room mates!

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