Sunday, 28 February 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #106 Hayfever season has begun: aka Toxic flowers

Some hyacinth (not my photo)
I love flowers. They are pretty, make me wonder about the planet's creation, and brighten up the place. They are also toxic. 
I don't mean this in the complete literal sense, although no doubt there are some plants somewhere in the world like this. I get hayfever, which I've had for years. This year I decided to stop my medication which I have all year round, simply because it's the only medication I can actually do that for. Stopping my pain medication is a no-brainer and a 'never going to happen' scenario. I need them to survive. 

Basically I reacted extremely badly to a hyacinth yesterday. Cue streaming eyes, streaming nose, oh and itchy eyes too - you'd think with lots of liquid they would be soothed but that so wasn't the case. Plus hayfever makes me feel like I'm fighting a virus, which since the cold weather makes me feel like that too it's not a good combo. 
Used a lot of these...

Eventually located some anti-histamines with a 2015 sell by date - it was late Saturday night and I was desperate. It helped take the edge off, but it took an age to sleep with mega itchy eyes that were uncomfortable to close. 
This was me yesterday, only my tissues box wasn't as pretty and I was wearing a different coloured top.
Woke up feeling much better, eyes still bad. So went off to Boots and had to wait a good extra 15 minutes for the store to open - apparently it can't without a pharmacist. I zoomed to the pharmacy part of the store, asked politely for drops & tablets, made sure I got a tablet I know I can safely take with my usual medicine cocktail, and took it as soon as I could. 
I had these or some similar, can't remember the type and can't be bothered to hunt down the container right now.
The eye drops had to wait until I got home and could wash my hands. It could just be me but whenever I have eyedrops I always want to have my mouth open too. Weird, I know, but I have to make sure I close it. Putting the eyedrops in is a small feat, especially if you wear strong prescription lenses (I took my contacts out), as you have to line up the bottle with your eye. I invariable have a few drops that fall on my face rather than my eye (bigger bottles would be so much better to account for failed drops). You have to make sure the dropper doesn't touch the eye, to help avoid infection. 

These drops can be taken up to 4x a day, so I'm happy to have so much relief. Meds are doing their job, but still staying as far away from the offending plant as humanly possible. As a result of yesterday's fiasco I didn't get any craft done (or any today). Here's to craft tomorrow! 

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