Thursday, 11 February 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #103 Time for tea!

A lovely cup of herbal tea - wish I had a glass cup and saucer like this!
So far today I've worked a little bit more on my check blanket, which I chatted about yesterday. I've also looked into and ordered some samples of loose herbal tea. I stick with herbal because caffeine doesn't agree with me, it hasn't for a few years now. I'm partial to Twinings, especially anything with nettle, peppermint, spearmint (yes there is a difference between the two), nettle, and chamomile. I've discovered that Marks and Spencers tea is usually around the £1 mark, and other supermarket brands at similar prices.
One of my favourite blends!

However, loose tea has been on my mind for a while. Other members of my family use loose tea. I confess that anime is the reason why I'm looking into using loose tea. In an episode of Aikatsu, the key character Akari seeks out Sumire's sister to discover her blend for easing a sore throat, so Sumire can recover from her cold. 
A selection of herbal tea can look like this
I do enjoy the pre-blended tea bags, but I'm starting to get interested in creating my own flavour combinations, not just for when I'm ill but for the sheer fun of experimenting. It took a long time online to find a store that stocks my main flavours, but I've ordered some samples to see if I like their range. Yes samples are a little pricey, but better than spending even more money on something I'm not sure I like. 
My nemesis!

Loose tea usually necessitates using a tea strainer of some sort. There's a wide variety on the market, and my family have some in the kitchen I can use. Yet I'm probably not going to use them. I've tried using the little ball infusers, but with me the tea always came out of the ball while it brewed. So I'm just going to try putting the tea directly in the cup (or, if I can be bothered, my mini teapot), letting it settle and drinking it. When a teabag has torn I haven't minded having the leaves in the cup, as they soon settle down to the bottom and don't affect the taste. 
Who'd have thought this spikey, ouch-inducing plant could produce such a refreshing drink? No dock leaves required!

Speaking of taste I've heard online that loose tea is a better quality than bagged tea. I've no idea how true this is, but I know I like both methods which is all that matters. I'll keep you posted on my tea experimenting! 
I'd love to know what type of tea you drink!

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