Monday, 1 February 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #102 Tis the Season...

My week has felt like this diverse range of weather! be ill. Really sorry for not updating you for a few days, I've been under the weather on and off most of the week, and had a migraine yesterday. I think sleeping most of the day away and most of the night helped me feel fairly human today - yay! 

I have been busy craft wise - started a new project yesterday while cursing migraine gremlins. Wanted something nice and simple that went round and round.
It might look simple now, but I assure you by the time it gets to my shop it will be sparkling! 

I've also done a bit more work on my baby blanket, but will save that progress report for tomorrow.  I'm on minimal blog work today, just a little to keep things ticking over while I regain my strength.If you didn't already know, migraines cause major fatigue levels for me, which seeing as I'm normally fatigued really sets me back a few steps. 

Still, it's over (yay!) and I'm getting back on track! 
Sunshine always follows rain, and rainbows sometimes do too!

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