Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #90 Useful Apps Part 1

Haven't had many frosty days, but they are starting to happen! Picture source.
I hope you're managing to stay warm if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, as it's slowly getting colder. Brrr! My cat likes me using my heated overblanket (originally I typed hated, which is the opposite of how I feel about this blanket!). She gets such a warm tummy from lying over my legs, and gets annoyed when I have to get up (& thus make her get up). 
Belle in my lap on the beloved heated blanket. Does she love me or the blanket more? Who knows!
Yesterday I went out for lunch with my family, and then did groceries, two high energy activities so sadly craft was off the agenda. However, I do have something to share with you today which isn't what I've done but what I use. 

So many of us use these! Picture source.
I don't use a lot of apps. Although I have a phone which can be a smartphone, I only use it for texting and the occasional call. I've had touchscreen smartphones in the past, and while I love my tablets, I prefer using keypads for texting, hence getting a qwerty phone. I never go online though. I've been able to in the past, but I like my off time. Phones are for text & calls! 

While I have tablets of the electrical kind, not the medicine kind which I also have, and sometimes play games on them, I barely use any apps. In comparison to the rest of my family, which includes some who used to be frightened about turning a computer on but use a zillion apps, I'm the odd one out. I'm just not into them all that much. 
Traditional and reliable! Picture source.
For writing notes I tend to use a paper notepad and pen, or write stuff as draft messages in my phone (I don't use the simple notepad app on it). I don't have an online calendar - I have a paper one, when I remember to put stuff on it! 

There are plenty of other apps I don't use, but today I want to chat about one app which I'm trying to use more often. It's an app which made me realise a few years ago that it might be better for my health if I can work less and rest more. I tried a wide range, but this was the simplist to use while still being cute & functional. The app is...

Zoo Zoo Planner! 

It's a bit like a calendar, but only has 7 days shown as a clock face. 

This is a sample online, not an example of my day. Picture source.
You can  have a more boring table view, which is without the various cute animal 'faces' and 'ears' which make the app so appealing.
Again this is from online, not my schedule, and it's in a different language (Korean? Don't think it's Japanese...) Picture source.
 It's not originally English, which is why some of the spellings are a bit different. You can jot down your schedule for the day ahead, and once a week has gone you can delete the days if you need to to start again. 

I'm not sure if you can delete a single schedule - I haven't needed to as I use this a bit differently to a calendar. Instead of recording my planned activities, I record what I actually do. Similar tasks get given similar colours - I have set colours for active activities, relaxing activities, sleep (kind of essential), and daily activities like lunch etc. 

My life is rarely this balanced! Picture source.
By recording my day I get an idea of how balanced or unbalanced my day is in relation to working and resting. This heavily depends on how I feel on the day, so some days will be light in activity, while others can be a bit activity heavy, which is when I know I need to get more anime watching in! 

There is a lite version of Zoo Zoo Planner, so you can try it before you buy it in whichever app store you use. It's not that expensive, and I bought it so I could change the type of animal I have on the clock face. It works for me, and helps attempt to get a more balanced life. 

I'd love to hear which apps you use! This is a part 1 just in case I end up using more apps in the future. 
I may not use heaps of apps, but I do love the technology I use!

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