Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #95 What I Did On My Mini-Break!

 I'm back! Had an enjoyable mini-break from blogging, including 6 hours of writing yesterday. It was a bit too much in one go, but I hope to do many more long writing sessions over the next few weeks - just got 9 pages left to edit of my novel! It will soon be with friends, and I'll be editing the next one in line.

Colouring Mulan is fun! Tried to give her royal colours ^o^
I did have a lot of fun doing craft bits. I got a few pictures coloured in in my Disney Princess Art Therapy book.H
Since I watched Disney's The Little Mermaid this weekend it was appropriate that I finished colouring these pages!

Still got some tiaras to colour but over halfway finished now!

My family adores this white chocolate fudge in bite sized pieces!
I made some chocolate fudge - a white chocolate batch and a milk chocolate batch. I can't remember
making chocolate fudge, and it is so easy to do, quicker than my vanilla fudge!

It guarantees super smooth fudge (unlike my vanilla version which is a bit grainy so I call it rustic!), which is yummy and I'm going to experiment with flavours next year.
I have to use a lot of chocolate, and use a mix of chocolate slab & chocolate drops!

So cute!
I've made a start on my next sewing project: I've got a friend having a baby soon, so this will be whenever I complete it. It's a cute alphabet sampler in blues and greens, with the thread going light and dark which is a nice effect.

Tonight I'm going to do some more sewing, as well as some reading. Winter nights make me want to snuggle up with some craft and relax! Would love to hear about what you are working on craft wise at the moment! 
Here's the framed result of the cross stitch owl project I've worked on this year - the recipient loves it! Due to frame size a few stitches are covered, but I couldn't do anything about that.

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