Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #92 Sweet Treat Mania!

Feels like a week since I last wrote what I call a 'proper' post here! I wish I could say I was doing exciting things, but I was dealing with several nights of poor sleep, which is never good at the best of times. 

I then had my annual heart check in London involving train delays and mercifully short taxi rides to a new to me hospital since The Heart Hospital has transferred to a mega heart centre in St Barts hospital (King George IV wing to be precise. Or is it V? A King George!). The usual pre-appointment anxiety struck, not entirely helped by dealing with high-tech check-in and being told where to go by a TV screen. Everyone was very helpful, and the whole thing took 1 hour 20 minutes, compared to The Heart Hospital which took far longer as often the consultant wasn't seen until the afternoon. My heart is all fine! My condition affects muscles, and since the heart is rather an important muscle the specialist team like to keep an eye on it. 

I rested Tuesday, then yesterday it was more routine hospital appointments - having them all in a space of 3 days is a bit frustrating. I prefer them spread out. 
Life is making me dizzy!

 Since I've been a tad busy, I've not done all that much other than some reading and a lot of anime watching. Craft wise I'll show you tomorrow what I've been working on. Food wise I've made some more fudge
It should look like this, although a bit lighter since I used white rather than soft brown sugar
and in the process of making some more truffles!
Instead of butterflies the latest batch of truffles with have snowflakes!
I really wish teleportation was invented so you could try some as they are delicious. Word of advise: don't use use a white chocolate with a filling to make a truffle base at it comes out too soft. Tastes amazing, but mega soft! Time to go race on with blog work then hopefully some writing and more craft! Yay! 
I've so been doing this!

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