Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #261 Beauty and the Beast audiobooks + Cadbury's Chocolate Roundies

Best B&B retelling EVER!!!!

I will be doing some crochet tonight to yet another retelling of Beauty and the Beast. This weekend I relistened to the audio version of Beauty by a brilliant fairytale reteller Robyn McKinley, and I've just started her newest one (again a B&B retelling), made 20 years after her original one.

 Rose Daughter is so far very different, to Beauty, but it's a bit too early to tell how much I like it yet. I don't dislike it, magic is more prominent than in Beauty (which I adore so much!), and yes, give me a few more chapters before I form an opinion on it. 

Whatever you do, be it craft, audiobook listening, actual book/ebook reading, watching TV, listening to music - at some point you will need a snack, and today I'm talking about a new Cadbury biscuit - the Roundie! 
Here it is in all it's glory! (not my picture)
The name makes me smile - it is accurate - but my family discovered it this week. It is currently on offer in Sainsbury's - I'm hoping the half price discount will last until I go shopping on Friday. I tried one yesterday (or was it the day before)....oh my word it is amazing!!!! It's chocolate and wafer layers and what tastes like a caramel slash fudge, one that's similar to fudge pieces I've had from a luxury hot chocolate. 
I like loads of types of chocolate, but this is definitely high on my favourite chocolate bar lists! My family has mixed reaction, one vote for it's ok but not amazing, another saying it's rather good (translate as very good). I'd love to know what you think if you've tried them! 

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  1. Enjoy the crafting...and the chocolate treats! ^-^


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