Thursday, 3 August 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #262 Plant power!

This post was supposed to be on Sunday, but life happened including Blogger throwing a tantrum so haven't been able to post until today. I'm here now!

For those of you who didn't see on Twitter (I tweeted pics when I couldn't post due to Blogger issues) you can see the picture of  these pretty white flowers. The one on the left is an unknown flower - I got it from Marks and Spencers over a year ago, and somehow, despite my sporadic watering it keeps flowering. My cute African Violet on the right has also reflowered! This is from a cutting - I'm not quite sure if the original was the flower I had to throw out when my cat puked on them, or another one, but either way it grew and is flowering.  Today I now have 2 flowers! 
I love this African Violet because the colour on the edge of the petals make it look nice and dainty. I'd like to  have another flower, but I'm more than happy with 2. The other cutting of an African Violet hasn't flowered yet so nothing to show you other than leaves, which is why I'm not posting it. 

Here's what my original African Violets looked like - might try to get some more as seeing these makes me miss the abundance of flowers!
Craft has happened this week, more on that in the next post (probably Saturday, so long as nothing untoward happens). I'd love to know if you've done any craft or got some flower plants that you're proud of! 
It's a bit early but have a great one!

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