Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Post #193 Fudge time!

Wish it was sunny with blue sky today! Picture source.
This week is a quiet one, thanks to my body reacting to the colder weather. I'm managing a fair amount of craft in which is fun, although there's less progress because the blanket is getting bigger, so it takes longer to finish a row. I should be able to show you my progress in my next post! 

I'm making some fudge at lunch today - the usual microwave fudge which is done within 15 minutes (from start to finish including weighing the chocolate and prepping the tin the fudge goes in). Super quick & super yummy!
It should look like fudge I've made previously, only darker as I'm using milk chocolate ^o^
My family have finally seen Bob the slug! (Bob's previous mentions include this post). He was spotted on the drive, not in the garage, and I saw Doris once again which was a nice encounter. 
I wish Bob was as cute as this bunnified version of a sea slug!
I don't mind being weird for enjoying these encounters, I think it saves me freaking out over them as I generally dislike legless creatures. 

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