Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #99 Truffle Time!

Guess what I've done today!
Those of you who are regular readers will know what this picture means. I'm making truffles! I truly wish someone would invent teleportation as I'd love to share how they taste with you. Not that I know yet, as the ones I've made today are still setting. 

Today I'm trialing a new type of truffles - yes, I know you'd like to taste them, but until that teleporter arrives on my doorstep you'll just have to try them out yourself. Recipe is here, thanks to Lindt. I'm using my normal method, making the truffle core (the previous recipe), then once cool cutting the core into pieces, dipping them into the same kind of chocolate and adding a decoration which look like this: 
My cute butterfly chocolate truffles!
My new version, well, it's something I thought of in December but due to being ill and busy then I couldn't try it until now. I've put a layer of melted chocolate at the bottom of the square containers which I use to set the truffle mix. I put it in the fridge for around 30 minutes, until it was set a bit. I took it out, made the truffle core and put it on top of the melted chocolate, then immediately after (no setting) I added another layer of melted chocolate. 
Yum yum!
I'm hoping that all 3 layers will stick together to create a truffle that won't melt over fingers as soon as it's picked up. Obviously no one goes around holding a truffle in their hand for minutes on end - it's usually a few seconds in the fingers before being eaten! However, if this works, and if I can cut them into small pieces easily I may be able to mass produce truffles! This would be perfect for a family event in March. 

Dipping truffles takes an awful lot of both time and energy for me. I'd love to make enough by March, but with writing and blogging, as well as allowing for a lot of rest time with the colder weather (see previous post for why it makes me ill), I don't have enough time to guarantee enough truffles. This new method is much quicker which is why if it works I'll be making a lot of people eat these sweet treats. 

I plan on making chocolate fudge for the event, as that's so easy for me to do. You'll have to find out tomorrow (or Tuesday if I don't have a good day) whether my experiment worked! Best bit about truffle making is there's always a bit of cream and chocolate left over to make a sumptious hot chocolate (that'll be after I've helped with the dishes tonight) 
This is my favourite kind of drink!
Yesterday I was super tired all day after a few hours of being awake. While I got in 2 hours of writing, I kind of didn't get heaps of craft done. I detangled some yarn, and made a pair of dishcloths, which I know is something but not as much as I can do. Still, it is better than nothing, as is this post! Have a great rest of the weekend! 

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